TP's Irish Restaurant and Sports Pub in Rochester (Penfield), NY
(585) 385-4160 | 916 Panorama Trail Rochester, New York 14625 | Bar Hours: Mon-Fri 11:30am-2am; Sat & Sun 12pm-2am | Restaurant serves until 10pm (9pm on Sundays)
TP's Irish Restaurant and Sports Pub - Rochester (Penfield), New York

Why TP’s is the most authentic Irish Pub in Rochester

Back in 1985, TP’s Irish Pub founder, Timothy Patrick Baumer, had a vision of a true Irish Pub that appeared as though it was picked up off the face of Ireland, flown across the Atlantic and dropped in Rochester, New York. This vision resulted in a meticulous focus in creating the most authentic Irish Pub that Rochester, NY had ever seen, complete with custom made items from Ireland and an Irish spirit that cannot be found anywhere else.

The stone walls, cozy and private seating booths and comfortable setting are all part of achieving a true Irish Pub atmosphere that makes every trip to TP’s feel like a mini vacation to Ireland. In addition, some of the most iconic items in TP’s – the Irish County Flags that hang from our rafters – were hand stitched in Dublin, Ireland and delivered carefully back to the States.

Sticking to the true spirit of an Irish Pub, our booths and bar were custom hand crafted from solid wood to provide seating areas that allow patrons the privacy they desire to relax and have a wonderful meal in peace as well as an area to socialize with old friends and make new ones.


Having items that are customized to TP’s and native to the Emerald Isle help us to ensure that TP’s Irish Pub not only carries the appearance of an authentic Irish Pub, but also embodies the spirit of Ireland.

Over the years, this commitment to maintaining a true Irish Pub has been carried on by Timothy Patrick’s nephew, Phil, who tells of his pride in TP’s authenticity in a letter displayed on our About Page:

“My goal for T.P.’s, simply stated, is to carry on for the next generation the traditions my uncle, Timothy Patrick Baumer, established in his design and operation of Timothy Patrick’s for thirty years.

The building was designed and built by my uncle to be nothing less than an enduring architectural landmark – an authentic Irish Pub in Upstate New York.

That’s why he insisted on the use of old-world construction methods and time-honored materials such as hand-formed copper gutters on a cedar shingle roof, hand-laid stone walls two feet thick, and a hand-plastered exterior.

Inside, you can recognize the same emphasis on fine natural materials caringly crafted by skilled artisans. The bar, booths and table tops are all hand made from select white ash. Even the floor is specially milled 1 1/4” thick yellow pine. And I’m sure the colorful coat-of-arms banners have caught your eyes. There are 32 of them – one for each county in Ireland. It took four months to have them all stitched in Dublin.

I am very proud to carry on these lofty traditions set forth by my uncle.”

For 30 years, our commitment, authenticity, and a focus on making each person that walks through our doors feel like a member of our family is why you can expect to have a great time every time you visit TP’s. This St. Patrick’s Day, we will continue our celebration of our Irish heritage and we want you to join us. Click here to visit our St. Patrick’s Day 205 page and check out Irish Jokes, Music and more information on TP’s St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

Also, help us celebrate 30 years of TP’s in Rochester all year long. Click here to visit our 30th Anniversary page to tell us your stories, vote for a new item to be added to our menu, and reflect on great times had at TP’s!

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